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Wedding favors are small gifts as a sign of appreciation or gratitude to guests of the bride and groom at a wedding or a wedding banquet.

The tradition of distributing wedding favors is very old. It is believed that the first wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a small trinket box made of glass, porcelain and / or precious stones. The contents of these precious boxes were generally sugar cubes or delicate sweet, symbolizing wealth and nobility. (At this time, sugar was an expensive and treasured only among the rich. It was believed that sugar contained medical benefits). As the price of sugar decreased throughout centuries, the tradition of providing gifts to guests reached the general population and was embraced by couples of modest means.

As sugar became more affordable, Bonbonniere were replaced among the modest with almonds. For centuries, almonds were distributed to wedding guests usually to express good wishes to the new life of the groom. In the thirteenth century, almonds coated with sugar, known as confetti, were introduced. Confetti soon transformed to Jordan almonds, which later became the wedding favor wedding signature today. Traditionally, five Jordan almonds are presented in a box of candy or wrapped in elegant fabric to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of candy coated bitter example of the sweetness of marriage.

Today, gifts to guests are commonly known as wedding favors and are shared in cultures worldwide. Wedding favors have become an intrinsic and necessary part of wedding planning and have complemented ceremonies and receptions alike. Wedding favors are as diverse in style, elegance and theme that options for favors are only limited to the imagination of the couple. Today's bride has the option to select a gift based on your wedding theme.

Many couples wish to share commemorating gifts that are personalized with the couples names and dates so the guests can remember the occasion very special. Some of these favors include personalized pens, wedding flowers, jewelry, glasses, candles, vases, and wedding cameras, even personalized.

These gifts have made the bride to do "list and climbing the list as a very important element.

The importance and demand for wedding favors have created new businesses in the wedding industry. Wedding favors have surpassed the term "trend" and have become commonplace among today's marriages.

Traditionally favored

Jordan Almonds ~ The slightly bittersweet taste of raw almonds covered with the goodness of sweet caramel layer, and with it the hope that the new life of the bride and groom is bitter sweet after. Other traditions say that almonds should always be received in odd numbers to not easily be divided. Once again, representing the new life he found the couple.

Wedding Favors dried fruit ~ On behalf of the generosity of a full harvent or life nuts is a wonderful way to say thank your guests for taking the time to be with you on this special day. Perfect for outdoor weddings and wedding appropriate for spring and summer. A simple tulle bag and ribbon in the colors of your wedding a beautiful presentation.

wedding favors photo frame, ideal for a wedding of Mark favor.Picture ~ Many couples give picture frames as gifts. These frames can be placed in a bag for mixed, also used as placeholders / banners seating as part of a centerpiece, or individualized for each client (usually contains a picture of the couple and guests ). These frames are generally no larger than 4x6, but some couples opt for great pictures, especially if they are also used as centerpieces. For more information on the integration of pictures and banners please see page seating assignments.

Photo albums ~ wedding favors photo albums also make a great gift, especially for small weddings and weddings in the family. Couples may want to place one of his paintings in the interior of commitment, or a small personal note thanking guests for attending.

Wedding Bells and rattles other favors ~ It's a longstanding tradition that guests receive wedding bells as favors. Traditionally, when a visitor rang the bell of the couple would kiss. Many couples like to put the tradition of wedding bells on small cards to go with bells. In modern times, there are other noisemakers that can be included as wedding favors, such as flutes, horns and castanets.

Wedding favors ~ Candles Candles have been a popular gift for clients for many years. They can be any size, shape, or smell. Many couples use candles and make headlines in decoration. There are also special candles as a wedding cake shaped candles in a delicious fragrance of buttercream frosting. Some couples make their own candles to give to customers. Candles can also be places as part of a favor mixed. If there is a ceremony unity candle, the couple can give smaller replicas of the candles used as favors.

Cakery.Cookies, cakes, wedding cakes and favors ~ food items have always been a popular favor at weddings. Some couples choose to have individual cakes or pies at each table instead of a traditional wedding cake. Cakes, cookies and cakes can be used as centerpieces, and favors. Many couples who choose to use these as favors usually have them in boxes. These items are easily customizable and can make for delicious desserts (as well as late-night snacks for later!)

Favors homemade jams, jellies, preserves or wedding ~ If you make your own jams, jellies, preserves, or you may want to share talent with your guests. These flavorful favors usually last longer than candy or other edible favors. If you have a destination wedding, you may want to consider this a favor too. That way your guests can bring a sample of the target house with them.

~ Candy wedding favors favors One of the most popular and widely used is a treat. Candy is very versatile and there really is something for everyone. Many couples buy candy to match your wedding colors. Sweets can be made for mixing, banners put inside, which is used as part of centerpieces and table decorations, and become another kind of favors (eg, candy pink tulle). There are many types of candy can also be personalized with names of the couple, either himself or sweet wrappers. Chocolate cigars are popular favors that represent the bride.

Promotes contemporary
A sample card favors charitable donation, the I Do Foundation.Charitable Donations ~ If you and your guests especially with a social conscience, you may want to consider using the budget for donations to charity in names of your guests. A small certificate can be delivered to each guest explaining the donation and thank you for attending the wedding.

Markers Wedding Memories ~ A quick DIY project for any computer savvy bride! Create a column of 7-landscape design software of choice for word processing. Add the names of the bride and groom, location and date and a special poem or saying (usually what is used in the invitation). Save the document file to a disk drive or flash and take it to your local fixed or copy (ie a shop or OfficeDepot) 8x11 cardboard Choose the color of your choice and your book printed marks. Most stores will have a paper cutter that can be used to separate the book marks.

Bath and Body Products wedding favors creative ~ Some couples want to make your own bath and body products. These are especially nice gifts for the maid of honor. The couple can make their own decisions and create a personalized perfume, give existing products or to make customized products. These products are ideal for gift baskets.

Wildflower seed packet wedding favors ~ wildflower seeds are a great way to show your love of nature and give your guests something beautiful to look at for a long time to come.

Tea and coffee wedding favors Samplers ~ If you and your partner are tasty beverages, you may want to consider tea and / or coffee sampler packs. This is a great service that can be enjoyed at leisure guests and also help to share some things you enjoy with your guests. Hot chocolate, cider and other beverages also make great favors.

Liquid bubbles Wedding favors ~ Many couples choose to use blown bubbles as a way for customers to send the couple away after the reception. These also make great favors for guests to take with them. Many companies offer blister packs in fun shapes (hearts, champagne glasses, champagne bottles, wedding cakes, etc) and many of them are also able to be personalized with the couple's names and wedding date.

Wedding favors personalized items ~ In addition to the liquid bubbles, many other elements can be customized. Pens, cups and small personal items (key rings, money clips, watches, etc) can be personalized with names of the couple and usually the date of the event as well. This gives customers a nice element is a reminder of the various events.

Kitchen / bar accessories Wedding favors ~ It is becoming more and more popular to have a small kitchen and / or bar accessories as gifts. Bottle stoppers, corkscrews, measurement sets, mixers drinks, coffee sets, accessories, divets and mountains are just some examples of such gifts. Many couples choose to customize these with their names too. These gifts are especially popular with couples who have more mature customers.

Wedding favors small plants ~ Some couples choose to give your clients the gift of life, such as small plants that are native to the area where the wedding takes place. This is a very popular gift for weddings. The plants are often arranged as centerpieces on the tables, with brief notes on each place setting inviting guests to take a plant with them.

It promotes mixed

Bags bags ~ Please please is one of the most popular wedding favors. In general, favor bags include various types of favors. Please "bags" or even necessarily have to be the bags also can be boxes, shadow boxes, cartons, or any other type of container. Usually couples choose to include favors that have meaning for the couple.

Out of Town Guest Packages ~ Couples with large wedding budgets and / or wedding guests are preparing packages for out of town guests. These favors are usually placed in the rooms of the guests, waiting for his arrival. The couple usually brings these and a list to the hotel upon the guest's arrival to the cleaning staff can put you in the room. These kits generally contain elements unique to the area instead of the wedding, and often maps of the area.