Do not give up your dream wedding even in today's economy - learn how to plan and budget

Is the cost of having the wedding of your dreams frighten you? With rising oil prices and given the current economy, many brides and groom are afraid to have the wedding of your dreams is out of question. Is it? No! You can have your dream wedding for a fraction of the price you thought it would take as long as the bride and groom set plan, establish and adhere to a fixed budget realistic, good use of organizational skills, creativity, flexibility, improve their negotiating skills and have the help of friends and family. Many of the components of planning a wedding. Many details need to be completed and intertwine to create not only a wedding but a dream wedding as the bride and groom to the photo. Today, about 70% of couples who marry to pay for their own weddings and the establishment of a real wedding budget and sticking to it is a necessity if you want to keep the cost of your wedding within your budget . There are many options to choose from and many ways to save. So read on.

Now, be creative and consider your options.

Search the Internet

Search the Internet thoroughly and can save time and money. The World Wide Web that provides information and resources to make online purchases. Many Web sites provide links to wedding related businesses the wedding could be your answer to quality products and services. A-wedding Day offers a variety of wedding planning articles that concentrate on how to choose and work with wedding vendors, professionals and service providers, a resource directory of wedding planning list Wedding and bridal discount shopping mall where you save the wedding gifts and accessories.

Set your priorities and budget

When planning your wedding create three categories:
# Must have

# Optional

# It is good to have.

Base their decisions on availability, your budget and your ingenuity. Once you decide what your priorities are, use your ingenuity and creativity. Involve themselves, their friends and families in at least some of the preparations. Loved ones will appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their happy day, have fun and save money. Select vendors and service providers can ensure that their priorities are met and that theirs will be the wedding you dreamed of. Before doing so, read the series of articles devoted to wedding planning choice and work with wedding vendors, professionals and service providers.

When negotiating with vendors and service providers, be firm. Talk about what you want and decide what the budget. Do not let them talk you into something that neither budgeted nor want. But for the same reason, be flexible enough to spend more or substitute, if you can not find exactly what they considered a priority within your budget. Make sure you are familiar with all the changes, return and / or cancellation policies before signing any contract or to conclude any agreement. Having to buy something twice, or having to pay additional charges may change and makes sense. Keep documentation of each contract and receipt in a safe place and pay special attention to the deadlines for returning items. Whether you are looking for a supplier of services, supplies and wedding accessories wedding, always compare prices. Interview leasing service providers before selecting three that take into account that for best.Look outlet malls and off the Internet. Buy bargains and clearance sales. If you are careful, you can save big money. Do not get confused between inexpensive and cheap. If you buy at a discount mall, usually receive the same merchandise you would in a more expensive store and be able to return or exchange items. However, when low-priced shopping and cleaning, make sure that they are of inferior quality as most of liquidation or sale of special items indicate the final sale and can not be returned or exchanged.

Wedding consultants and wedding professionals can save you money

Again, base your decision on your budget. If your budget allows, hire a wedding consultant to help with tasks as small as locating trusted vendors and service providers to tasks as large as the organization of your wedding event, from AZ. Wedding consultants work with local suppliers and service providers that generate such references. As fair trade, often have a special regime for the reduced rates when combined will save you money. However, at least that part of friends out and be discharged and the family and yourself, the more you save. Not only is a wonderful feeling of great satisfaction to plan your own wedding, is also a lot of fun.


You probably want to send engagement announcements, save the day, invitations, etc. .. If you're willing to move away from traditional printed invitations can save not only money but time and anxiety. Create your own wedding stationery and invitation right on your computer and print it on white. You can buy all your items wedding stationery needs including papers used by professional printers, and print your own wedding invitations and stationery. If you have a good printer, stationery and invitation will be as professional as ordered the most expensive printers. So be creative and design your own invitation and stationery. Do you have a wedding theme? Do you want to insert a photo? Go ahead, incorporate them.

ACCESSORIES FOR WEDDING ceremony and reception

The following are the basic wedding accessories: cushions, champagne flutes, cake service set, guest book, pen, garter, a set of unity candle. Additional accessories most brides add a basket of flower girl, a bag of girlfriend, it's important to keep the cake and a photo album. Like most brides opt for coordinating accessories, complete collections are available. You can buy their collections at a discount mall online and save between 10 and 25 percent, or cause other accessories you want to buy as gifts. Friends and family are likely to celebrate their commitment and come up with wedding parties engagement and bridal showers and the gift of giving during the holidays. Most clients need some guidance on appropriate gifts, but few consider items for the wedding. This is why bridal registries are very useful. So if you leave the hosts of your wedding celebrations know what you want, not only will they be able to coordinate, but guests are assured that the gifts are sought and will be highly appreciated. A win-win.


The decorations are only expected at the ceremony site or sanctuary, are two standing bouquets. Use flowers that are abundant and cheap. Today, many supermarkets, even Costco and Sams Club sell beautiful fresh and silk flowers and bouquets of flowers at a very reasonable price. You may want to add pew bows. If you make your own save much money. Making the bow is easy and fun and all you need is the tape width, scissors and a bit of time. You can make your special ceremony by lighting a candle the unit and if you have children, get them involved in the ceremony. You can buy in the shops of unity candles, you can order as candles designed by artisans who will create personalized candles for you, or you can create your own.


Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are very expensive, but there are many options you can exercise to get what you want and save money. Got a friend or family member who sews? Engage them and in return give them the honor of serving as an assistant in your wedding party. If you shop for a dress, before deciding as it has done, go shopping and check their sale corner. From time to time, department stores have wedding dresses for cleaning and you can buy a dress at a fraction of its original price and save a "lot" of money. Another option is to buy a dress from the sample used for a fashion show or a screen. If you still can not find just that special dress, and you need to buy one, consider a simple dress of the grid. Or comb the wedding ads and auction sites on and off the web. You will probably be able to buy a dress that is used only once or even a new brand for peanuts. To save even more, can be considered a white "prom" or bridesmaid dress.

The bridesmaids dresses

Today it is common for bridesmaids to buy their own clothes shoes and accessories. Since the intention of gift your maid of honor and bridesmaids, most brides provide the bridesmaids with personalized jewelry that coordinate well with your suits or dresses. The jewelry does not have to be expensive, but it must be of good quality and good looks.

The groom and grooms men

Depending on your wedding motif, the groom and grooms men can wear a dark suit and white shirt, you probably own. Gift them with matching ties for uniformity. If your wedding requires a tuxedo, with men in the wedding party tuxedo rentals, shoes and accessories. This is also customary for groomsmen to pay for the rental of your outfit. Many rental places provide the groom dress for free if all the men in the wedding party rent both as a single package. A saving for you.


You can save money on your flower, if you are willing to be "original" and creative. If any of your guests create flower arrangements, even as a hobby, ask them to do the floral arrangements. If you can not find a capable guest, you have to buy the bridal bouquet and flowers for the altar in a trusted florist. However, consider the bridesmaids mixed seasonal flowers. They are available in supermarkets and even at Costco and Sams Club, at a fraction of the price charged by a florist. Ask your bridesmaids to insert their bouquets in vases to serve as centerpieces for reception tables. Your bridesmaids will help them with ease knowing that after the reception will take home not only flowers, but also vessels. The flowers will not hold forever, but the vessels become memento of your wedding memories and save money.


The reception is the most expensive part of your wedding. However, perhaps the plan within your budget and have a memorable event. You should be very particular in choosing the site. That should be appropriate and adapt to their host plan. It need not be a traditional room. How about having your wedding in a historic home, a park, a museum, exhibition grounds, public gardens, the beach, etc. .. Also need to know if it provides all the furniture and dining needs. If not, calculate rental fees. When choosing a wedding venue, choosing slow period and either a Friday night or Sunday afternoon and you will be able to negotiate better deals.


If you invite some good cooks to your wedding, you may be asked to prepare their favorite recipes for your wedding reception. Also, if you invite some good bakers, ask if he could prepare sweets and desserts or even your wedding cake. You can save money and feel honored to have been asked. In fact, we are happy to serve as well. If you have your reception with food, must take into account the number of guests, time of day and the way the food will be served. Is it just a snack? only dessert? appetizer? one sitting? a buffet? will serve alcohol? If bartenders served alcoholic beverages will be an open bar? or your guests pay for drinks? There is a huge price difference between a light brunch, for example, and a five-course sit-down dinner served. Here are some tips you can check out to fit your budget. They have a brunch or lunch early and have to serve fruits and vegetables, salads, eggs, cheeses, pastries, coffee, tea and cold buffet. Having a late lunch and will have to add some meat and poultry. You can still serve a buffet, or as a meal on the table. A formal dinner is by far the most expensive option.


Buy yourself drinks in a place that will accept the return of the United Nations to open bottles and cans.


When it comes to music, you will have to decide what fits your personality whether to use instrumental music, a band or a DJ. Check out local colleges and universities and find out if they have a music department. If so, ask if there are students in the music program will be able to perform at your wedding. We thank Meredith from Phoenix, AZ, who sent us the following information about how you're saving money on wedding music, while helping the band of the local school in their efforts to raise funds. She writes: I'm getting married and paying for it himself. So I had to reduce costs as if there were pictures! One thing that was very important to me and my boyfriend is music. The two were in the band and choir in high school and music lovers today. Unfortunately, with a string quartet was too expensive and they forget about the live band or DJ at the reception, so I had an idea. I was in the jazz band in high school and we were very good, winning all kinds of prizes and stuff. School bands are always looking for fundraising and so went to my old jazz band playing high school at our reception. We have worked hard to pay them, but significantly less than getting a professional band. And, the school usually has uniforms already - just ask that as part of the package. Thanks for the website that has been very helpful. Meredith from Phoenix, AZ. Do not overlook your guests. If you invite singers going to sing. Make singing a solo or group during the ceremony and / or reception.

Photographers and cameramen

When it comes to photographers and videographers, choose with care professionals. Their wedding day come and go and the photos and the video will serve as memory and memories of your big day. Seeing that you come back to live and be able to share with their children and building your own family history. Before hiring a photographer or a cameraman compare prices and references. Choose the best that are within your budget. Even if you have to choose a smaller package. This is where you want the best. Go for it. Like the personalized wedding gifts and accessories, pictures and videos will be treasured keep sake of sharing with and teaching their kids. However, consider placing disposable cameras on each table at the reception for guests to take photos too. These images tend to be real and spontaneous, reflecting their wedding as seen by your guests.