Planning a Wedding - Step by Step Guide

Planning a wedding can be a daunting and very stressful. We recommend that you take six months to a year to plan your wedding and to outline an easy to follow.

Twelve months before the wedding

* Get a folder with sheets of paper and division.
* Talk to your boyfriend and his / her family, besides their own, to determine a budget.
* Decide on the theme of Christmas wedding for example, the fall, snowflakes, Black and White, etc.
* Select a wedding date with her boyfriend and their families.
* Decide on your wedding attendees.
* Reserve a place for the ceremony and reception (s).
* Reserve your professional wedding photographer, florist, caterers, videographer, DJ and wedding musicians.

Nine months before the wedding

* Make an appointment with your officiant. For most of the religious ceremonies, which may be required to attend pre-wedding counseling. For civil ceremonies, the officiant may require a meeting to discuss their wedding ceremony.
* Wedding dress shopping and fittings must be addressed first, at this time.
* Shop for wedding accessories, bridal veil or headpiece and wedding shoes.
* Start preparing the guest list. Be sure to include both sides of the family as the guest lists are often controversial. It will take time to determine long-lost cousins, friends, neighbors, etc.
* Decide on the location of registration and registration gift.
* Start your search for the location of their honeymoon. If you are getting married during the peak holiday season like Christmas, you may need to book their honeymoon nine months in advance.

Six months before the wedding

* Must meet wedding professionals to help you on your special day. The menu must be mapped to your caterer, a review of photos from the wedding photographer asked her, an argument with her cameraman in the amount of footage and the location of videos, and their preference for music with the DJ and wedding musicians.
* Limousines and / or transportation of others should be reserved for weddings. Wagons or sleighs horses winter wedding must be booked and confirmed prices.
* If you are ordering wedding invitations and / or the date cards and wedding announcements, you need to decide on a provider. If you are making your own wedding invitations and stationery for the wedding, you should choose a wedding invitation kit template package. Ads should be sent to friends and family not been included in the ceremony.
Honeymoon Travel * must be booked and confirmed the final plans for the honeymoon budget.
* The bridesmaids dresses and flower girl should be determined and ordered.
* Start shopping for wedding rings.

Three months before the wedding

* Guest list must be completed by you and your fiance and the families of both. We can not emphasize enough the need to have the blessing of all stakeholders in regard to the guest list.
* The final decision and order wedding rings.
* Visit a stylist for a hair consultation and have the first day of the wedding through.
* Make an appointment with the wedding day with style. Do not forget to include your bridesmaids if they have professional hair style for your wedding.
* Research and review of state requirements for blood tests.
* Research, analysis and book hotel rooms for the guests that the city may require accommodation.
* Track your wedding dress and confirmation of delivery dates for their dress and their assistants.
* Attend your first event bridal gown with all accessories and shoes.

Six to eight weeks before the wedding

* Prepare your wedding invitation kit templates for printing, including thank you cards.
* If you have ordered your invitations to a commercial business, make sure you are ready for you.
* E-mail address and wedding invitations.
* Buy and sell any wedding gift for his bride, attendants, parents and grandparents.
* Attend final assembly of clothing, including wedding accessories.
* Spend time wearing your wedding shoes that are not overwhelmed with the wedding dance begins.
* Test spray tan if you tan for your wedding.
* Make final decisions on your style of wedding hair and any hair color change should be made.
* Pick up wedding rings your jewelry.
* Print your custom thank you cards for your templates wedding invitation kit or purchase generic thank you cards.
* Send thank you cards for wedding or shower gifts received in recent weeks.

10 to 14 days before the wedding

* Check with your caterer with a final review of the menu.
* Check with your officiant the place and date of the ceremony.
* Check with your photographer, videographer, DJ and / or wedding ring.
* Confirm honeymoon reservations and any special requests for the wedding night.
* Address of any wedding announcement, joint seal and mail preparation on the day of the wedding.
* Final visit to your hairdresser to check for any last minute problems or changes.

A week before the wedding

* Attend parties or last minute bridal shower in her honor.
* Write thank-you cards for gifts received in these functions.
* Give the caterer your final number of guests to attend.
* The bridesmaids and the confirmation of the flower girl when they are expected to arrive.
* Purchase travel insurance for your honeymoon if you leave the country.
* Purchase travelers checks for honeymoon vacation.
* Check to ensure that travelers checks are accepted and easily changed to its final destination.

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